What is it like being Vegan at School

animal free eating

Being vegan at my school is a bit of a challenge, this is because not very many people are vegan; all the food served at the school canteen is vegetarian, the ladies in the canteen will cater for anyone’s dietary requirements, when you order your lunch but you would have to inform them. I don’t usually order my lunch from the canteen due to the amount of money it would cost my family (because there is 5 children) and because there is not fresh healthy options.

I usually pack my own lunch to take to school; my lunch box consists of fruit, a vegan muffin, savory (this could include sushi, leftovers, salads or vegan pizzas) and snacks (nuts, trail mix, carrots, cucumber and hummus.) I just pack my lunchbox with whatever I can find in the house that I like.

I don’t really like chips or sweets, so I snack on nuts or fruit, trail mix, banana ice-cream, protein balls and smoothies.

animal free eating

In food tech we often use eggs and dairy milk, this is a bit annoying because I have to ask to use the vegan recipe. In my food tech class there is always a vegan option due to some people’s allergies.

At my school no one really knows that I’m vegan, I have only told a few people and they support my decision. I don’t really want everyone to know that I eat animal free because someone from school said that they were vegan on a social media site and they got a lot of hate from it. I don’t think many people from school would care if I as vegan, I think after a while they would just forget.

animal free eating

On school excursions most of the food is vegetarian, but because I have been vegan for a while I know what I can and can’t eat. When the school caters for the excursions there is always a vegan option because some of the teachers at school are vegan.

I am not too sure is there is many animal free eaters at my school, but I always try to help people in food tech that are not used to cooking vegetarian and when they are not sure what to do.

animal free eating

In my food tech class I have noticed that when we make something vegan everyone that doesn’t eat animal free always say how nice the vegan food is.

Being vegan at school can be a challenge but nothing that can’t be overcome. If you are vegan and at school maybe you would like to share with us how you manage and if you have support or friends that vegan as well.

Leave a comment and let us know what you do for managing school and being vegan.



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