If you are following me on Instagram, you would have seen that a few days ago I was in Sydney.

I thought that maybe I could do a diary entry and show you what I did and where and what I ate while I was there. I am also going to add a few pictures of scenery and food.

My eBook is nearly finished (for those of you who don’t know I am writing a vegan eBook, which is mainly sweets). All I have to do to finish it is take the last few photographs, recheck spelling and grammar then sent it to my friend who is going to publish it for me; so hopefully I can have it finished by this week or early next week. This eBook will feature 20 recipes, some of those will be from the blog and some will be ‘features’, and if this one goes well then I will maybe make another one with vegan staple meals or savoury foods.

Monday: This was our travelling day, so we basically spent the whole day driving from Byron to Sydney. We didn’t want to spend too much on unhealthy food while we were driving to Sydney so we took our own food from home. I made some protein balls (which will be in the eBook), pineapple, rockmelon and pretzels (I know that these are not very healthy but I love them!) I think it took us about 9-10 hours to get to Sydney (we were actually staying in Homebush, where the 2000 Olympics were held, which was an extra 30 minutes from the city.), it was about 4:00pm. I was actually pretty tired after travelling all day, so when we got to our apartment (where we were staying) I had a sleep. As we were driving to the apartment we noticed that there were some restaurants down the street, we walked to one and had dinner there. I think it was traditional Chinese, but I’m not actually sure. We got tofu and braised sprouts, sizzling tofu and veggies, vegetarian dumplings and my brother (mostly vegan, but he likes meat) got spicy chicken.


We haven’t actually stayed in Homebush before, so we didn’t really know what to do while we were staying there, but when we were driving through we saw that they had a DFO (Discount Factory Outlet). We ended up going there, I think we stayed till lunch and then left to get something to eat. I didn’t buy anything because everything was the same price or I could find it cheaper elsewhere. After we left the DFO we went home to have something to eat, I think I had a sandwich I can’t remember. Around 6 or 7pm we caught a river ferry into the city and went to china town for dinner. I had a vegetarian spring roll vermicelli noodle salad.

Wednesday: For breakfast I had toast with peanut butter and banana. After everyone had breakfast we headed to the closest train station and caught a train to the city, my sister found a contemporary Chinese art museum that she wanted to go to. Some of the artworks there were really interesting and some were just weird. (hopefully that didn’t offend anyone). Bodhi Kitchen, which is meant to have really good vegan yum cha was only a 30-minute walk from where we were, so I was hoping to go there for lunch but we didn’t end up making it because the map stopped working 🙁 , so we just went into china town. I had Japanese, so I got sushi and a veggie udon.



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