The Ginger People.

I recently received a sample package from The Ginger People, which I was really excited about because Christmas was approaching so it gave me an excuse to use their products quickly.

I had to pick up about 5 other packages from the local post, so when I got to this one I had no idea what it was. As I was opening it my Dad walked past and said ‘Wow, I’d be happy with that for Christmas.’

Sometimes I see brands and think what’s the story behind that. I really loved the story behind the ginger people so I included it below.

The Ginger People began its mission in 1984 to produce the world’s finest range of ginger products and ingredients. Why? Herbalists have used ginger for thousands of years to restore vital energy, stimulate circulation and relieve countless diseases including nausea, headaches, and arthritis. Modern science backs what the ancients have known for centuries: Ginger is one of nature’s most powerful herbal remedies. Add in ginger’s versatile flavour and culinary prowess, and it’s clear why we’re passionate about this venerable spice.

Today, The Ginger People remains a family-owned-and-operated business offering over 80 ginger ingredients and finished products.

Over the years, The Ginger People has deepened its commitment (and addiction) to ginger, its purity and its healthful properties. As North America’s top-selling ginger brand, The Ginger People proudly manufactures and supplies all-natural and organic ginger products using only the most premium ginger sourced from the premier growing regions around the world.

In the box, I received crystallized ginger, bare ginger, minced ginger, ginger syrup, two varieties of ginger candy and ginger juice.  Most of their products are organic and locally sourced from Fiji.

animal free eatingOrganic Ginger Juice-

My dad drinks ginger juice on a regular basis, so I gave this to him to try. He didn’t really say much about the product, even though I told him to tell me what he thinks for this review. He was curious as to what stopped it from going rancid, I guess it tasted similar to what we make at home because he didn’t complain while drinking it.

Organic Ginganimal free eatinger Syrup-

This was my favourite product, when I first saw this product it did not give a good impression. I assumed that it would be really strong and peppery from the ginger, but it was lovely. The ginger flavour is noticeable, but not strong. As I was doing my festive cooking, I ran out of maple syrup so I used this as a substitute. It worked perfectly and gave the baked goods a nicer flavour.  I will definitely be buying more of this when I run out 🙂 .

Uncrystallized Bare Ginger-

I’m not really sure what to write about this product, as i didn’t eat it by itself. But I did put it in my festive cooking, and it tasted really good in that. I did some research about this product and it is a healthier option that crystallized ginger that can be eaten straight out of the packet or added into granola, festive baking or fruit salad.

Organic Minced Ginger-

This was also one of my favorites, I used it in everything, ranging from stir-fries to gingerbread to curries. This is from their kitchen essentials range, which  is a perfect name for it due to the variety of things it can be used in.  Although this product was great it didn’t have a very strong ginger flavour, which I like.

Chewy Ginger Candies-

I got two types of these candies, original and spicy apple. They are vegan and gluten free, made from organic cane sugar,  fresh ginger and tapioca starch. The candies are easy to eat, the ginger is not overpowering but they are very chewy, the will get stuck in your teeth. I would have to say the spicy apple was my favourite out of the two, it tasted like Christmas, which was fitting for the time of year.

I caught my sister sneaking these from my room, and she said they were delicious.

These candies are a soothing travel treat. Ginger has been known to help with nausea, so if you suffer from travel sickness I would recommend getting some of these.

Crystallized Ginger-

This tasted amazing, i had some chopped ready to go into the Christmas cake and Ive always been curious as to what it tasted like by itself, so i ate a piece.

I used this product in my festive cooking, and it turned out to be a winner with my family.

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