Are you a brand or have a product you’d like to promote? If so, I would love to work with you!I strongly believe in working with brands that I find I can help promote the vegan message to others.

Recipe Development: Do you have a yummy product? I would love to help create recipes using your product to share on my blog to promote the product and your company. There are many ways I can help with this and I would love to discuss the possibilities with you.

Social Media Post: Would you like to collaborate with me on my Instagram or Facebook account? Whether it be a sponsored post, takeovers or giveaways I would love to talk to you about the possibilities. Talk to me on Instagram or Facebook.

Brand Ambassador: I always work with brands that I that I find I can help promote the vegan message to others.  I would love to represent your brand and gush about my love for you!

Guess Posts/Freelance writing: I am interested in writing articles within a whole range of topics, I love to write about health, wellness and Vegan beauty products. If you are interested in collaborating with me send me a message on Instagram or Facebook.