Vegan Made Delights.

Vegan Made Delights is a small company based in Helensvale, QLD, who specialise in vegan chocolate and macaroons. All their products are made with locally sourced and imported ingredients, natural, diary free, gluten free, GM free, palm oil free and made with love.

I recently contacted the company to see if they could send me some products to review and trial.  I got a lovely reply from them basically saying that they love my blog and would be happy to send me some products. I got another email from them within the next few days saying that they had send some products in the post and it would be here within a few days.

The parcel arrived today in the mail (it took about 3 days to get here), which contained a letter from the company, their business card and a block of their chocolate cookies and cream chocolate. Everything was packaged with an Eco-friendly paper.

To be honest I wasn’t sure if I would like this chocolate because I’ve tried a lot of other vegan chocolates and they weren’t that great, but this is by far the best one I’ve had. It wasn’t oily or too sweet like most of the other ones I’ve tried. Usually after eating a square or two of vegan chocolate they make me feel sick, but this one didn’t.  The flavour of this chocolate was actually perfect for me, it was bitter but not overpowering, melted in my mouth and its somewhat better for you (I like to think that, so I can have more)

__5862986The chocolate its self is a little more expensive than a normal block from the supermarket, but I believe it is defiantly worth paying extra if you know the product will be good quality.  For a block of chocolate prices start at around $11-$13, with some of your favourite flavours: White Chocolate Cacao Nibs, White Chocolate Rice Puffs, White Chocolate Coconut, Turkish Delight, Peanut Brittle and Chocolate Cookies and Cream.

If you are interested in buying some of this chocolate head over to their website, or your local Go Via. Products are also available at some Vegan Pantry stores and The Cruelty Free Shop.





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